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My purpose is to create influential speakers all over the world by helping people unlock their voice lifting their:




There is a point where you go beyond resilience,
to resistance and that’s when I refuse to withdraw.



Through personalised Mentoring using her WHAT? GOALS model and by helping you “Find your Sweet Spot”, Tracy will have you once again in charge of your life. As a change influencer, Tracy challenges women to work outside their comfort zones, looking outside the square and retraining old and outdated thinking. Her style is unique - it’s witty and blunt, and she makes no apologies for it. Everything she does, is to build your resilience giving you the power to influence your own life.

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Tracy conducts powerful, witty workshops to identify and instil confidence, improve motivation, strengthen resiliency and grow assertiveness to move forward individually. The first of five workshops are commencing soon, these are The Fearless Sistas workshops.

Join a community of women passionate about empowering others to be visible, by fearlessly discovering your passion and reinventing yourself. Join us as a Fearless Sista and celebrate your uniqueness.

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Based online using Tracy’s proven methods to build resilience, our 10 week courses will step you through MRW’s WHAT? GOALS theory. When a simple model such as the WHAT? GOALS is broken down into a short and succinct plan, you will see just how much more manageable and achievable your dreams become.

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Designed specifically to support women from the Army, Air Force, Navy, Police, Doctors, Paramedics, Nurses, Fire Fighters – women who have experienced the tough stuff, come out the other side and are ready to re-invent themselves. ‘Sanctuary’ is where women can re-learn in the safety of groups of other women how to plan, grow, network, communicate, take care of themselves and above all, understand that life can change for them.

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Buckle up … build resilience.

“One of the major issues most of us face, is finding the energy to go the distance each day.  What baffles many, is developing the discipline needed to build enthusiasm to develop our physical, mental and emotional endurance.”   Tracy Tully

Author Tracy Tully, opens her book with the following:

WARNING!!!!  Be fearless, don’t proceed with caution!

 Tracy takes readers on a discovery journey of the road less travelled, by building resilience and growing self-confidence, relating each chapter of enlightenment to ‘one road trip at a time’.  

 For some of us, we don’t understand that we tolerate and accept the chaos we live in ignoring that we’re stuck in our comfort zones. We can’t change because our lives are predictable, safe and secure, that is of course, until our worlds come crashing down around us.  What we don’t see is that we’re desperately guarding our world from falling apart to protect our sanity.  By doing this, we condemn ourselves to life in a world where we are constantly overwhelmed and don’t know how to break free.


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