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Tracy Tully is the creator of a coaching method that produces influential speakers, Unlock Your Voice to lift your:

Ranked in the Courier Mail’s POWER LIST: Top 50 Most Influential people in education.

Tracy Tully entered the domain of those who really can ‘call the shots.’

Dominating conversations in state, national and international levels, Tracy influences decisions that matter in education and training.

Holding senior leadership roles in the public, private and non-profit sectors for the last four decades, Tracy is renowned for her strategic and innovative problem solving.

With that mantle of honour, Tracy Tully takes her Professional Speaking and Writing seriously. A Leadership Solutions Specialist, professional & keynote speaker, author and book publisher at Motivation and Resilience for Wealth MRW.


As a Leadership Solutions Specialist, Tracy influencers front line leadership capability and productivity, training leaders to build their motivation and resilience by demonstrating how to overcome fear and procrastination through her 3 Step BUCKLE UP FEAR Method – Assess, Adapt & Act.

Motivation percolator and distiller of fear; Tracy turns chaos into calm and overwhelm into power and passion. Book a 1:1 session at
With a career in education and training spanning over 38 years, Tracy shares her knowledge and expertise on leadership, resilience, and change at international, national, and state levels.

Under the banner, Tracy identifies as a purveyor of inspiration and Jill-of-all Trades in mastering fear, building courage, and strengthening resilience; her key message is:

“Life is like a box of chocolates, each sweet delicacy is a goal, enticing you to keep moving forward. In every box, there will be one or two chocolates you don’t like.
I will show you how to find the sweet spot in everything you do!
Most of the battle is in achieving the right mindset.”


Tracy challenges people to step out of their comfort zone, through motivation and building
their resilience.

Tracy conducts powerful and witty speaking opportunities, growing confidence through her
3 Step BUCKLE UP FEAR Method, strengthening resilience and motivation by adopting an
assertive mindset.

Her presentations are passionate and highly engaging! She guarantees you’ll never forget
her, claiming “I can show you how to find the sweet spot in how you think and in everything
you do!”

Speaking Topic:
Lost at Sea – Calibrate your Mindset & Find True North
Tracy shares her 3-Step BUCKLE UP FEAR Method demonstrating how to build resilience by
getting comfortable with fear.


Author of FEARless Buckle Up … Build RESILIENCE Tracy is a courageous whistleblower
detailing her true-life experiences and explaining why there’s no room for assumptions,
blame or procrastination.

Self-Publishing a suite of Co-Author books under the Queens and Kings Series; Queens in
Sandcastles, Queens of the Deep and Kings of the New Frontier.

A children’s book author, Gordon the Goat and the Gully Kids is her first venture into the
exciting world entertaining children with Australian stories. Sean Leahy as Illustrator brings her words alive with his cartoons depicting the animal characters’ antics. Tracy fulfilled her lifelong dream to become a book publisher, launching MRW Publishing in 2022.

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Tracy is a disruptor and guides people

Tracy is a disruptor and guides people to master their fear and build resilience. She has worked at the top of her game with some of the worst, fighting bullying and corruption at the upper levels of the government including politicians.
She has zero tolerance for bullies, those who fake gossip and manipulate others.…

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