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Tracy Tully is the creator of a coaching method that produces influential speakers, Unlock Your Voice to lift your:

As an award-winning international speaker, Tracy provides training giving voice to the voiceless advancing economic prosperity across cultures and beyond borders for a more equitable world.


Three reasons you should not be here:

Hello! I’m Tracy Tully
I’m sure you’d like to know more about me.
I live in Queensland with my family and I’m a mother of two attractive adult kids!
I love British Bulldogs, owning a few over the years and as a horsewoman, I really enjoy going to the races.
I have lots of skills and hobbies but I doubt you want to hear about them all!
I love helping people to feel confident in communicating with others.
I’m not your average woman and you won’t meet many others like me!
Yes, I’m an entrepreneur;
A coach, mentor, public speaker, author and
I’m also a two time whistle-blower.
I love travelling around the world and speaking at events,
But most importantly, you need to understand that
I’m a motivation percolator, wordsmith and distiller of fear.
I conduct powerful and witty speaking opportunities, growing confidence, improving motivation, strengthening resilience and understanding a growth mindset.

My presentations are passionate and highly engaging and I guarantee you’ll never forget my events!
So, you’re probably wondering,
Is this lady worth my time and attention?
For some of you my answer is NO

Here’s why:

1. I can NOT help you get rich quick
For some reason, people think that selling their business online means “getting rich quick”
I know right? I did too, that’s what captivated me! I thought being an entrepreneur would be an easy way to make money, travel and enjoy life on autopilot.
But it wasn’t easy money.
I do have revenue coming in consistently …. but it takes a lot of time, training, money and frustration.
It will always take commitment to make it happen and lots of hard work to keep it going.
So, if you are not prepared to COMMIT to the effort, then I’m not your woman.

2.  If you don’t want to speak in front of others, you’re not going to enjoy my training
I don’t do sales and advertising.
I’ll only teach you how to utilise your voice to earn an income.
And, here’s why I’m telling you this.

When you start chasing the entrepreneur’s life, you’ll soon see all kinds of ads and offers about free stuff, how to get rich quick and “do it now” publicity on the “latest hacks” for your “online business”

Does it work?

Maybe, in the short term. But if you rely on that, your business won’t last because you’ll have profits that are maintained by an unsustainable ploy.
And that’s a waste of your time and money.

3. If you don’t like being challenged, you’re not ready to become a confident speaker.

As a disruptor, I’ll CHALLENGE you to step out of your comfort zone and build your resilience muscles.
So, you need to be ready for a challenge!
I’ll teach you how to overcome your fear of conversations with strangers and public speaking, through motivation and resilience.
If you’re looking for an easy quick fix, I don’t want to help you.
It’s very important that you understand WHY I’m telling you that.
I CAN help you, but I won’t. I’m skilled in it, but I refuse to do it.


Because when I hear people say to me, “What’s the quickest way to do it?” then I KNOW that I’m hearing “I’m not really interested in investing in my personal development to help my business … and I’m not devoted to the success of my clients.”

And that really tells me that “I don’t want to do the hard work”.
But it takes hard work to learn new things you’re scared of, and it takes hard work to maintain it all.

So, you’re still here reading!! Great to see, you’re obviously a person who gets things done!

Here’s what I will help you with explicitly.

My main focus is to help you become an influential speaker and Unlock Your Voice, to lift your:

I’m the creator of Unlock Your Voice which is my coaching method that produces confident speakers, which is really a fancy name for empowered and influential speakers.
I teach people to speak confidently by overcoming their fear through motivation and resilience; funding a lifestyle working anywhere in the world.

In my opinion, it’s the epitome of marketing!

I focus on your IDENTITY – my fancy way of saying “Getting people to like you before they even know you”

PITCH – my fancy way of saying ‘Getting people to like you before they even know you’re trying to sell them something”

PRESENCE – my very fancy way of “Getting people to be attracted to you”

I do this by teaching you the best ways to give value to your clients through speaking whether it be; as a guest speaker at a wedding, live on your Face Book pages, videos, EXPOS, workshops, book launches and professional speaking events.

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Tracy is a disruptor and guides people

Tracy is a disruptor and guides people to master their fear and build resilience. She has worked at the top of her game with some of the worst, fighting bullying and corruption at the upper levels of the government including politicians.
She has zero tolerance for bullies, those who fake gossip and manipulate others.…

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It’s pretty simple isn’t it?
YES, it is.
Thank you for reading this page and now its time for you to GET TO WORK!