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Are you an author or do you dream of becoming a published author?

Do you want a regular stream of income from your book?

If you were able to increase your income, what would you increase it by, 20% or 50%?

If you’ve got a lead magnet and 1 product…

Then you have the 2 core elements needed to build an automated cashflow engine!

A series of pages and steps that you advertise, to attract a list of prospective clients.

We call it a Sales Funnel

This is how successful businesses market and scale.

Do you have a funnel?

We can show you how to build your funnel without paying heaps of money on a fancy platform.

It’s not overly difficult for beginners.

Hi, I’m Tracy Tully MRW Publishing and we’re here to help YOU market and sell your book.

That’s why we’re here to help you become a Co-Author in 60 Days

Which is why we’ve put together everything we’ve learned about creating lead magnets for you…

That consistently turn traffic into leads…and leads into customers

Now you have a road map to follow…

And a template to build from…

Which makes the whole process fast and easy

Because the truth is this.

If you are growing a list or selling your products online

And you aren’t leveraging sales funnels the RIGHT way…

Then, you’re losing money.

Let me guide you every step of the way to become a published Co-Author in 60 Days.

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Tracy is a disruptor and guides people

Tracy is a disruptor and guides people to master their fear and build resilience. She has worked at the top of her game with some of the worst, fighting bullying and corruption at the upper levels of the government including politicians.
She has zero tolerance for bullies, those who fake gossip and manipulate others.…

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