Tracy Tully


" Excellent, engaging and well researched..."

Simon Knight - AkzoNobel

Excellent, engaging and well researched. Tracy was everything expected and more. Team feedback was extremely positive.

Thank you Tracy.

" Not only is she an engaging speaker, she had our group working together.."

NATASHA B. - Chief Operating Officer at Celebrity Ink™

I found Tracy after doing a little online search for someone who could speak on the topics of resilience, fear, and change management.

After a brief introductory call, I knew Tracy was the right fit for our franchise partner event. As a first for our brand, we brought together franchisees who were experiencing change at a large organisational level. Tracy was committed to our mission and went above and beyond to learn about our business.

She attended our studios to ensure she could grasp the ‘lingo’ and met with key players ahead of time. Tracy delivered at every touch point. Not only is she an engaging speaker, she had our group working together and that was the magical moment for me.

Thank you Tracy, for your total commitment. You’re an absolute rockstar.

" Tracy is the mentor that I am looking for.."

Tiffany Drodge - Founder of Jumply Adventure Gear

Working with Tracy for only a short amount of time, I already feel the confidence in speaking not only in the business point of view but also in the personal level.

Tracy helps me to really focus on ways to improve my life in anything I do.

She makes sure that I’m starting my day right everyday not only with a positive outlook on where my business is going but also a positive outlook in life.

"I knew my mindset wasn’t in a great place. So, I asked for help"

Dee Cain - Founder at the Mibblers, Roar Success

A couple of months ago, I knew my mindset wasn’t in a great place. So, I asked for help. I reached out to Tracy Tully, I thought she could help me through my challenging time. I asked if she had time to offer me a session and her words of wisdom – she said yes.

Not only did Tracy say yes, she delivered my call within hours and BOOM! I got up and walked away totally reinvigorated, clear, ready for action and better set to move forward, leaving the shit behind me for good. I SLAMMED that door shut and I’m not going back, ever. Period. Done.

I had a new set of tools, someone who was a leader, visionary and who didn’t let me get away with my bullshit antics. She called it out, she made me stop, she truly changed me. And in ONE session!

My point is, asking for help could very well be the best thing you do for yourself today.

"Tully shares her conviction"

Written in a punchy and expressive style, Tracy Tully shares her conviction that post-traumatic growth is not only possible, but within the reach of those who have suffered. Her book offers practical strategies to consider implementing through the facets of life. This book offers a fresh approach on the road beyond recovery and I congratulate Tracy on its publication.

Dr Jo Lukins, PhD. - Author of ‘The Elite. Think like an athlete, succeed like a champion’ (2019)

"Tracy has a contagious form of enthusiasm"

Tracy has a contagious form of enthusiasm that she generously shares. She has a way of communicating resilience techniques with joy and passion. This book is a page turner, full of action and wit

Niomi Reardon - Registered Nurse, Life Coach, Educator. Author of ‘Stress Solutions. Finding your peace and inner calm’. (2019)

"Tracy is such a person"

Bullying is an insidious part of all levels of society. From early school days, during our working careers to aged care. Many are damaged by it, some are destroyed by it, most learn to cope with varying degrees of success, and a few set a shining example to others by their unfazed courage, resilience and motivation. Tracy is such a person

Sandra Tully - Founder of ACTIVE inspite, Digital Alchemist, Personal Trainer

"Tracy is resilient"

Tracy’s poem, She Rises from the Fire penned for her new book is testimony to the atrocities she faced at the hands of others, corrupt government officers and politicians. Tracy is resilient. She is fearless in the face of bullying and is courageous. As the founder of Motivation and Resilience for Women, she has walked on hot coals and survived to tell the tale.

Jacki Hartmann - Owner, Hedley's Box

"She’s not afraid to speak out"

Tracy isn’t afraid to exert her voice in the #digitaldamage arena, because it’s the right thing to do and she’s not afraid to speak out. Tracy challenges small thinking and talks out loud about issues people want to keep hidden.

Sandra Campbell - Founder, Edenaya

"Tracy is an expert"

She has a naughty sense of humour, infectious smile and is always helping others. Tracy is an expert in building resilience and teaches women to have the power to make better decisions for themselves. She’s very comfortable with the feeling of “turbulence” and explains that when commotion exists, disorder happens and they go hand in hand.
Watch this thought leader, she’s always been way ahead of her time!
Tracy is a force to be reckoned with! A ‘critical dialogue disruptor’ in bullying. Her hash tag is #digitaldamage

Helen Clover - Fellow collaborator and Author

"It is an inspirational account"

Silence in the face of injustice is anything but golden. It is a free pass for those who cause suffering to continue using and abusing others for their own gain. Perpetrators of injustice usually hold positions of influence and power and speaking up against them means risking further loss, humiliation or abuse. In her book “FEARless” Tracy Tully writes of her personal struggle with the adversity she faced in her career and of her refusal to live a life defined by those challenges. It is an inspirational account of her strength, courage and resilience.

Nia Barnes - Psychologist