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Melbourne school students plan walk out in support of Palestine | 9 News Australia

Credits | Source: 9 News Australia

School students across Melbourne are planning to walk out of their classrooms next week in support of Palestine.

Free Palestine Melbourne posted the details on social media, calling for students to join the “city-wide walkout” at 1.30pm on November 23.

Students from a number of inner-city schools are understood to be participating in the strike, including Princes Hill, Fitzroy High, Brunswick Secondary and Thornbury High, according to The Age.

Former Principal Tracy Tully told Today that she worried the rally could get “out-of-control” quickly.

“I’ve seen these things turn very quickly and you end up with a school lockdown which is horrendous,” she said.

“No-one wants that. Who is protecting those students who are vulnerable who don’t even want to be in that conversation.”

An Education Department spokesperson said “schools are communicating with parents and carers about the escalating conflict”.

“Schools also ensure students understand that any form of racism is not tolerated, and nor is any language likely to incite any form of racism, antisemitism or violence,” the spokesperson said.

See the full interview with Tracy here.

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