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Queensland schools planning a four-day week for students | 9 News Australia

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The Queensland Government is paving the way for a radical school timetable shake-up, with public primary and secondary schools given the green light to introduce a four-day week and shorter half-days.

Some schools are already trialling shorter days, but from term four next year, most campuses in the state will have the option of implementing the four-day change.

But the idea is dividing opinion, with families unsure if it will work for everyone and whether or not other states and territories should follow suit.

“Students will love a half day, if they can leave at lunchtime – but this will definitely be an issue with teacher shortages and the changing economic times,” former principal Tracy Tully told Today.

“Also, we’ve got very high absenteeism in schools and low attendance factoring into it and for the parents it worries me significantly, because how are they going to change daycare hours?

“Unless the government really seriously looks at that issue and what they can do to help parents.”

With the school curriculum already tough as is with a five-day week – on top of any part-time jobs students may have on the side, Tully said she didn’t think a four-day week was a good idea.

“It passes the buck to the student to be accountable and responsible for their time to stay home and study if that happens,” she said.

“On the other hand, if we had students who want to work because of the poor economic times, then they will be able to pick up jobs, but at the end of the day a four-day week will make it difficult for a lot of families, I believe, and students.”

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