Tracy Tully


New Idea To Stop Kids From Vaping Just Dropped: Sending *Checks Notes* Army Veterans To Schools

On Wednesday, Teachers’ Professional Association of Queensland secretary Tracy Tully spoke to Sunrise about the sitch.

She reckons bag checks and pocket searches aren’t enough to discourage students from suckling on the sweet electronic teat.

“I think we are beyond that now,” she said.

“I think the time has come where we need to do something much bigger and much more permanent.”

Fighting for Queenslanders

Things got a little fiery in state Parliament as I advocated for teachers and nurses to have a choice to join whichever industrial association/union they wanted to.
There is now competition amongst the unions which is a great thing.
Why would a government deny every teacher and nurse the choice to join a union which would save them hundreds of dollars??
Find out why – watch the debate above.